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Meet the team – Associate Director, Becky Blaymires


A sports fanatic and travel enthusiast, our Birmingham-based Associate Director talks business development and her passions outside of work

What do you do at Growth Lending?

I am an Associate Director across the Midlands, South and Wales, which means I help businesses find the right funding to accelerate their growth and expansion ambitions. 

I also bring industry experts together across different regions to assist fast-growth companies access the resources they need to succeed – multiple heads are always better than one!

What attracted you to working at Growth Lending? 

Working in a collaborative business that encourages authenticity is important to me and this comes naturally to Growth Lending’s culture. In part, this is down to the importance it places on individuals to get to know themselves and their teammates better, through psychometric questionnaires. These empower people to embrace their genuine selves and work more harmoniously with each other. 

I was also excited to be supporting fast-growing SMEs around the world to find funding when they need it most – a tech business we support today could be on the FTSE 100 tomorrow! 

How did you get into this field? 

I always wanted to be a pilot in the Navy, or even a dentist, but it wasn’t meant to be. I then sang six nights a week and toured the circuit for a couple of years, so financial services was a very different path from where I started. 

My career in finance started at the age of 19 and I have worked in business development ever since. This has included independent financial advice, asset-based lending and now a suite of products at Growth Lending. 

Which sports team do you support? 

Being an only child, my Dad loved that he had a little girl who loved to shop and get dressed up but also loved to watch and play sports with him. 

Whether it’s being a season ticket holder at West Bromwich Albion, cheering on England at rugby, or watching the F1, you will always find me getting stuck into sport one way or another (as long as I can wear my heels to it!)  

What’s on your bucket list? 

I love to travel and have three plans on the bucket list right now: 

  1. A safari in South Africa and a hot air balloon to watch the sunrise
  2. A girl’s weekend in Ibiza with a lot of bubbles
  3. A trip to Monte Carlo to watch F1

What does a typical weekend look like for you? 

A typical weekend for me revolves around my two children and their activities; swimming and performance arts classes at Pauline Quirk Academy. 

Throw in a kid’s party or two and I am on the sofa watching Love Island by 9pm. That being said, if there is any excuse for a dinner out with a cocktail or two, I am there!

Given £100m to spend or invest, what’s the first thing you would do? 

I am sure I should say invest it but to be honest, I would like to renovate our family home in Worcestershire and start a property portfolio. I also always thought I would have my own events business, so never say never!