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Best Factoring Companies

For High Growth Firms in 2023

Are you a high-growth firm looking for the best factoring companies to support your business in 2023?

Look no further. In this blog, we have curated a list of the top invoice factoring companies that are perfect for high-growth firms like yours. Whether you have high customer concentration, operate in a specific industry, or need same-day funding, we have got you covered.

We will dive deep into each lender’s strengths and specialties to help you make an informed decision. From flexibility to low fees, multiple currencies to high concentration lending and everything in between, we have analyzed it all.

Get ready to take your business to new heights with the best factoring companies in 2023…

The Best Invoice Factoring Companies for 2023:

Best factoring company for high customer concentration: Growth Lending

When it comes to high customer concentration, Growth Lending emerges as one of the best factoring companies. With their upfront and transparent approach to financing, they provide a reliable solution for businesses that having high debtor concentration, due to selling into large organizations such as Amazon and Walmart.

As a leading player in the industry, Growth Lending understands the unique challenges faced by businesses with high customer concentration. They also provide bad debt protection against unpaid invoices, which minimizes the risk of non-payment to business owners.

Best factoring company for trucking: TAFS

For trucking companies looking for the best factoring company, TAFS (TransAm Financial Services) stands out as a top choice. With their upfront and transparent approach, TAFS is highly regarded in the industry. They specialize in providing receivable financing through invoice factoring to help trucking businesses improve their cash flow.

One of the key advantages of working with TAFS is their competitive factoring fee. They offer flexible pricing options to accommodate different business needs, whether it’s recourse or non-recourse factoring. TAFS understands the unique challenges faced by trucking companies and tailors their services accordingly.

Additionally, TAFS offers a range of other services such as fuel card programs and discounts, helping trucking companies optimize their operations.

Best factoring company for same-day funding: Triumph

If your business relies on same-day funding, Triumph is the best factoring company for you. Triumph’s same-day funding ensures that you have quick access to working capital, enabling you to cover expenses, pay employees, and invest in growth opportunities. Their efficient application process makes it easy for business owners to manage their factoring services.

Best factoring company for multiple currencies and/or jurisdictions: Growth Lending

When it comes to finding the best factoring company for multiple currencies and/or jurisdictions, Growth Lending is the top choice. With their expertise in handling international transactions, they provide upfront financing solutions for businesses operating in different countries and handling invoices in USD, GBP and EUR.

Growth Lending has extensive experience working with fast-growing firms that have international operations or are looking to grow their businesses overseas. With flexible funding capabilities and a seamless application process, Growth Lending is the go-to choice for businesses that require factoring services across multiple currencies and jurisdictions.

Best factoring company for low fees: TBS

When it comes to finding the best factoring company with low fees, TBS is a top contender. With upfront and transparent pricing, they offer a cost-effective solution for businesses in need of freight factoring. TBS understands the importance of cash flow for small businesses and offers competitive factoring fees to help improve working capital.

Best factoring company for flexibility: Growth Lending

When it comes to flexibility, Growth Lending is the best factoring company for high growth firms. They understand that businesses need adaptable funding options to manage their cash flow effectively. With Growth Lending, you can accelerate cash on an invoice-by-invoice basis without being tied down by a minimum contract. Their pay-as-you-go model ensures that you only pay for the services you are utilizing, making it a cost-effective solution for your financing needs. Whether you need to bridge gaps in cash flow, fund growth initiatives, or cover unexpected expenses, Growth Lending offers fast and reliable funding solutions tailored to your specific requirements. With their flexible factoring options, you can take control of your finances and focus on driving your business forward.

How to choose the best invoice factoring company for your business

To choose the best invoice factoring company for your business you need to have a clear understanding of your business needs and goals, as each lender will have unique characteristics that will mean they are better (or worse!) suited to your business model.

1. Factoring fees

Factoring fees can vary significantly among different invoice factoring companies, with some charging a flat fee based on the total value of invoices, while others may charge a percentage, alongside set-up or admin fees.

Lenders that are offering a more specialist service such as industry-specific or multi-jurisdiction factoring may also charge more, because of the additional risk involved.

Look for transparency in fee structures and choose a factoring company that offers competitive rates and flexible terms.

2. Recourse vs non-recourse factoring

Recourse factoring requires the business to buy back any unpaid invoices if the customer fails to pay, while non-recourse factoring protects the business from this risk.

Recourse factoring typically has lower fees and is more readily available, but it carries more risk for the business. Non-recourse factoring provides greater peace of mind for the business, but it may have higher fees and stricter eligibility requirements.

It’s important for businesses to evaluate their cash flow needs, customer creditworthiness, and risk tolerance when choosing between recourse and non-recourse factoring.

3. Industry specific factoring

These lenders specialize in providing funding solutions that are tailored to the inique requirements of certain industries. They usually have deep in-house knowledge and experience, enabling them to offer more customized services that meet the challenges faced by businesses in those industries.

Industry-specific factoring companies may also offer additional services or benefits such as credit insurance, or assistance with collections, which may be an additional consideration alongside price.

By choosing an invoice factoring company that specializes in your industry, you benefit from their industry knowledge, potentially leading to a more seamless and successful funding partnership.

4. Speed of funding

Fast funding is an important factor to consider when choosing an invoice factoring company.

Some factors to consider when evaluating the speed of funding include the application process, approval time and how quickly funds are disbursed. It’s also important to consider any additional fees or charges associated with fast funding, as these can impact the overall cost of factoring.

5. Factoring flexibility

High-growth businesses need to be agile, so the flexibility of any funding facility is key. Ideally you want to work with a lender that offers customizable solutions that meet your specific business needs and/or the ability to set up factoring on a pay-as-you go basis. This way you are only paying for the services you are actually using.

Determine if the factoring company has experience working with high growth firms. They should have a track record of successfully handling large volumes of invoices and accommodating rapid growth.

6. Customer concentration

If your business sells into large companies such as Amazon or Walmart, you may have a high debtor concentration, which can make it difficult to secure funds from some factoring companies.

Look for specialist lenders such as Growth Lending, that are used to working with businesses that have high concentration. They will have a better understanding of your model and be able to provide a facility that has both the functionality and cost that you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a factoring company?

A factoring company is an entity that provides businesses with immediate cash by purchasing their accounts receivable at a discounted rate. This enables companies to access the funds they need to cover expenses and maintain cash flow while waiting for customers to pay their invoices.

Why would a business work with a factoring company?

A business may choose to work with a factoring company for several reasons. Firstly, it provides immediate cash flow by selling accounts receivable. Secondly, it allows businesses to focus on core operations rather than chasing payments. Lastly, it mitigates the risk of bad debts and improves financial stability.

Is it good to have a factoring company?

Having a factoring company can be beneficial for businesses. It provides a reliable source of working capital by converting accounts receivable into immediate cash. This improves cash flow, allows for timely payments to suppliers, and supports business growth.

However, careful consideration should be given to the terms and fees associated with the factoring agreement.


In conclusion, finding the right factoring company for your high-growth firm is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow and fuelling your expansion plans. Whether you have high customer concentration, operate in a specific industry, or require same-day funding, there are specialized factoring companies that can meet your unique needs.

To learn more about how factoring could support your business, get in touch with one of our lending experts, or apply online for a quick quote today.