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Growth capital

Your challenge

You are an ambitious, fast-growing business with a strong proposition and proven routes to market. To take things to the next level, you need a significant cash injection – whether that’s to grow your sales and marketing team, invest in R&D, expand geographically, or even undertake M&A activity.

How we help

Flexible funding that empowers you to grow in the way that you know is best, with no equity dilution.



Find your best fit

Take a look at our growth capital products in more detail.

Still unsure of the best funding solution for your business? One of our lending experts will be happy to advise.

Revenue based finance

A loan based on future contracted revenues that can be used to accelerate growth

  • Fast: Funds in your account in as little as seven days

  • Flexible: A repayment structure that is linked to your revenue

  • Multi-currency: Funding available in both GBP and EUR

  • You retain control: No warrants and no equity dilution


Term loans to support growth

Secure £2m to £10m, which can be drawn down in tranches over the term of the loan

  • Forward-thinking: Revenues of £2m+ required, but profitability not always essential

  • No equity dilution: We won’t take a seat on your board, keeping you in the driver’s seat

  • Growth headroom: Typically up to 12 months interest-only period, with capital and interest amortising over the remaining term


Gavriel Merkado

Founder and CEO


“We are thrilled to have secured this latest investment, which will be used to expand our team and, through that, our reach, enabling us to support more and more residential real estate professionals stay ahead in an increasingly-competitive market.”

Sherry Vaswani

Chief Executive


“We are an ambitious global company with a strong track record of operating in a buoyant marketplace. The [Growth Lending] team came to understand our business quickly, recognised our potential for growth and saw how additional capital could help us compete for more major contracts, increase capability and support our acquisition strategy. We are delighted to have them as our investment partner.”

Robin Abeyesinhe

Finance Director


“The team moved quickly to gain an understanding of OrganOx’s business model and its funding needs and to tailor an appropriate package for us. The overall speed of response and execution was impressive.”

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Growth Lending funds a wide range of growing B2B firms. If that is you, let’s see how we could support your growth.



Our expert team works quickly to assess which funding solutions are the best fit for your business, with all decisions made by humans, not machines.



We know that growing businesses need to be agile, which is why we have a range of funding solutions to fit different business’ needs, as well as flexible processes designed with you in mind.



A strong track record of lending to fast-growing SMEs means we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face and the support you will need to accelerate your growth journey.

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Growth capital refers to a wide variety of funding streams, which promote the growth of an organisation. Growth capital can be split into two categories: equity and debt.

Raising funds via equity is when a business raises a sum of cash by selling some of its equity. The investor then holds the agreed stake in the business and will benefit from the firm’s success as it grows.

The alternative, growth debt, does not require any equity dilution. The business raises the cash like a conventional loan and pays back the original sum, plus interest, on a monthly basis.

What is growth capital?
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There are pros and cons for both growth debt and equity.

For example, a business needs to be generating enough revenue to service growth debt repayments, which might be difficult for a business in its earlier stages. However, for a business with a proven business model that is ready to scale-up, growth debt enables them to retain full control of the business, as there is no dilution of equity. Furthermore, because the lender does not take a stake in the business, debt can work out to be a less expensive way of raising capital in the long run.

Growth Lending only offers growth capital in the form of debt; term loans for established businesses ready to accelerate growth; venture debt for earlier stage firms ready to scale up; and flexible invoice discounting for companies that want to improve their cash flow to achieve next-level growth.

What are the pros and cons of growth debt versus equity?
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