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£2m to £10m

Term loans

You have a proven business model and a strong proposition

Now let’s accelerate your growth

If you are ready to fuel the next stage of your growth journey, a term loan could help realise your vision.

With the flexibility to use funds as you see fit – whether that be investment in R&D, M&A activity, expansion and many other growth initiatives – a term loan gives you access to significant capital without diluting equity.

Available to draw down in tranches throughout the term of the loan, a term loan is ideal for businesses with ambitious growth targets in a wide variety of sectors.

A great fit if you require:


Invest in a variety of growth initiatives including R&D, expansion, Capex and M&A, with tranching available to suit your needs

Growth headroom

Typically up to 12 months interest-only period, with capital and interest amortising over the remaining term

No loss of control

Covenant-lite funding that doesn’t dilute your equity


Sherry Vaswani

Chief Executive


“We are an ambitious global company with a strong track record of operating in a buoyant marketplace. The [Growth Lending] team came to understand our business quickly, recognised our potential for growth and saw how additional capital could help us compete for more major contracts, increase capability and support our acquisition strategy. We are delighted to have them as our investment partner.”


Robin Abeyesinhe

Finance Director


“The team moved quickly to gain an understanding of OrganOx’s business model and its funding needs and to tailor an appropriate package for us. The overall speed of response and execution was impressive.”


Gavriel Merkado

Founder and CEO


“We are thrilled to have secured this latest investment, which will be used to expand our team and, through that, our reach, enabling us to support more and more residential real estate professionals stay ahead in an increasingly-competitive market.”

Accountancy Cloud

Wesley Rashid

Founder and Chief Executive

Accountancy Cloud

“We are pleased to be working with Growth Lending to help fund the expansion of our team and continue to grow on a national scale. Having recently won the 2021 Accounting Excellence Medium Firm of the Year Award, we are looking forward to what the future holds and to building on the success we have seen so far.”

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A term loan looks like a good fit for my business: What’s next?

The first step towards accelerating your growth is submitting a funding enquiry.

All enquiries submitted to Growth Lending are processed by people, not machines, so you can be certain that a member of our team will work to understand your unique requirements

To help us get things moving quickly, ensure you have key information ready such as your targets, how you plan to achieve them, your management team and your most important clients. As a responsible investor, we will also consider how your business aligns to our Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) principles.

Once we have all this information, we’ll be able to assess whether we’re a good fit for your needs and how much we’ll be able to lend. We can then have further discussions with your management team to tailor the loan to your specific needs.

When everyone is happy, we will issue a term sheet, summarising the details of the loan. The deal will then go through our due diligence process and when it has been approved, you will be eligible to draw down the funds and implement your growth plans.

Check your eligibility and get the process started below.

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Ready to get growth going? Let’s see how we can support you.


Access more cash, at an earlier stage than what is offered by non-specialist lenders


Facilities that are never off-the-shelf – we tailor our facilities to your individual needs


Flexible use of funds, including international growth strategies

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Term loans are designed to help your firm grow by providing flexible funds that can be used in the way you see fit. For example, you may wish to fund mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or research and development (R&D), strengthen your working capital position, invest in expansion, or refinance an existing loan.

With a term loan from Growth Lending you can access £2m to £10m, which can be drawn down in tranches throughout the term of the loan – usually three to five years. We don’t require a seat on your board, so our term loans also enable you to stay in the driver’s seat.

This type of capital is ideal for companies with ambitious targets for growth (whether organic or acquisitive) and can be used to support firms operating in a variety of sectors.

What is a term loan?
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A term loan can be used for anything from equipment, real estate or working capital, but at Growth Lending, our term loans usually focus on strategies for accelerating growth.

Popular reasons to borrow include:

  • Working capital
  • Website and marketing
  • Fulfilling a new contract
  • Investing in stock and equipment
  • National or international expansion
  • Refinancing an existing loan
Why would a business apply for a term loan?
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To secure a term loan from Growth Lending you must have a proven business model with revenues of more than £2m. Your business must be registered in the UK, have a trading history of more than 12 months and operate a B2B business model.

Our term loans are most suitable for businesses that are growing quickly and particularly for those in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) sector, although most sectors will be considered.

Profitability is not essential, but you should be able to demonstrate how your business will get there.

What are the eligibility criteria for a term loan?
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Usually, a personal guarantee is not required for a term loan from Growth Lending. Instead, we secure our term loans via a debenture, enabling your business to access capital without providing collateral or diluting equity.

Will I need a personal guarantee for a term loan?
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