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Meet the team – our Senior Vice President of Sales, Keith Kirkland

From falling into factoring to leading Growth Lending’s expansion efforts, learn all about our first US employee and his career story so far Read More

Day in the life of a Portfolio Analyst

Delving into the details of our portfolio, Ilze Coetzee, a portfolio analyst, runs us through a day in her role, from waking up to winding down. Read More

Meet Me – Growth Lending’s Regional Head Chris Mears

Our resident Bristolian on his time in the army, his porridge addiction and Leeds United’s glory days. Read More

Day in the life of a Senior Business Analyst

Tackling all things tech, our Senior Business Analyst, Kayleigh Bell walks us through a day in the life of her role, including her morning wake-up and go-to hot drink.  Read More

Meet me – Director of Debt Finance, Katherine Woodfine

Travel enthusiast and full time supporter of growing businesses, Katherine shares her bucket list dreams and passion for helping companies reach their potential Read More

Meet me – Associate Director, Natalie Walker-Owen

From turning businesses around to seeking out adventure, find out more about our Associate Director’s role and her pursuits outside of work Read More