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Ad Tech: All You Need to Know

laptop and mobile showing adverts and emoji icons for people reacting to posts

Ad tech is a crucial component of running a digital advertising campaign. It’s used to buy, manage and measure digital advertising, and there are plenty of benefits to harnessing this technology. The ad tech industry has grown from strength to strength, and allows you to reach audiences quickly.

What is ad tech?

Ad tech is the short term for advertising technology, commonly referring to technologies, software and solutions used for delivering, controlling and targeting online ads.

Ad tech technology involves more than simple digital ad banners – it comprises back-end systems and algorithms that will support advertisers to deliver the right messages to the right customers.

Why ad tech is important

A large amount of money is spent on digital advertising and with this volume, ad tech helps buyers to optimise their budgets and sellers to maximise their revenue stream. By delivering the right content to the right person, you reduce the amount of wasteful spending and also gather invaluable behavioural data that can be used to target future potential audiences.

Ad Tech Industry

In 2021, the global Ad Tech market was valued at $20,303.2 million USD, and is set to reach $42088.3 million by 2027. Major key players in the Ad Tech industry right now are Google, Facebook, Oracle, Criteo, and Mobvista and data shows that ad tech does give users an edge over their competitors. It is used by both large enterprises and SMEs and is a worldwide industry.

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