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How to secure funding as an
Amazon vendor

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Many manufacturers and distributors act as a bulk supplier to Amazon, selling directly to the platform to take advantage of its vast and varied customer network.

However securing funding for Amazon-based business models is not quite so simple…

Types of funding available to Amazon-based businesses:

1. The Amazon Lending scheme

Amazon offers its own funding scheme for sellers on the site – Amazon Lending which provides capital to help sellers grow their businesses on the platform. 

If you are invited to join the scheme, you simply complete the application provided and, if the application is approved, should receive a loan within five business days. You can keep track of your loan status, repayments, and history within Amazon’s Seller Central portal.

However, this scheme is currently invite-only and while it is a great option for businesses looking to scale their sales via Amazon’s network (i.e. Amazon sellers), it’s not so useful for firms that want to sell directly to Amazon (Amazon vendors).

2. Conventional business loans

Like any other business, Amazon vendors can apply for a conventional business loan through a high street bank, but the disruptive nature of an Amazon-based business model means that is not always well-understood by traditional lenders.

A conventional loan that is borrowed and paid back over a period of time may also be unsuitable for a scaling business, particularly given current interest rates, as the business might prefer to retain revenue to maintain strong cash flow, rather than spending it on servicing a loan.

Invoice finance could be a better option, advancing cash to the business while it awaits payment from Amazon. While this type of funding has its own associated costs, because fees are usually deducted from the outstanding invoice balance, it can feel like it has less of an impact on cash flow than being tied in to monthly loan repayments.

However, even securing invoice finance from a conventional lender can be tough for an Amazon vendor, given the high concentration of debt into one large organisation – a factor that can put many lenders off.

3. Working capital from a lender that thinks differently

Growth Lending has more experience of working with non-conventional, disruptive businesses and so naturally has a suite of products that are a good match for the types of flexible funding that Amazon vendors need, as well as experience of verifying debt through Amazon’s EDI system.

We focus on smoothing cash flow so that you can confidently reinvest in your business, offering:

  • A scalable release of working capital that reduces your accrued debt and increases monthly outgoings
  • Accelerated payment of invoices to increase cash flow for day-to-day expenses, investment and growth
  • Flexibility, including the option to vary your facility each month, depending on your requirements
  • Support for mergers-and-acquisitions activity, as you pursue opportunities to grow even more quickly
  • Funding in GBP, EUR and USD, across multiple territories


If you are an Amazon vendor and are ready to accelerate your growth, get in touch with a member of our expert team and discover how we may be able to support you.