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Flexible funds to

Enhance working capital

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Your challenge

You have a successful business model and strong customer pipeline, but to take things to the next level you need to increase your readily available capital. Lumpy cash flow from slow or late debtor payments means you lack the cash headroom to invest in new initiatives, hampering growth and holding you back from your potential.

How we help

Fast, flexible funding, specifically tailored to the needs of your business. Advance cash from debtors on an invoice-by-invoice basis, or by leveraging your whole sales ledger.



Find your best fit

Choose the type of funding that best suits your company’s needs.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Our lending experts will be happy to help.


Flexible invoice discounting

Enhance your working capital by leveraging your entire sales ledger, or a chosen pool of debtors

  • Simple: Our online portal streamlines lengthy month-end reconciliation processes

  • Secure: Bad debt protection included as standard

  • Ambitious: No concentration or export limits

  • International: Funding in multiple currencies, for multiple jurisdictions, in one facility

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Selective invoice finance

Bridge the cash flow gap caused by long payment terms as you advance your unpaid invoices on a pay-as-you-go basis

  • International: Multi-currency invoices for companies registered in the UK, US and other OECD countries

  • Secure: Bad debt protection included as standard

  • Collaborative: We can fund alongside existing lenders on the UK entity

  • Flexible: We offer standalone facilities overseas, with no requirement to fund a linked UK entity


Justin Bailes



“It has been a pleasure working with the Growth Lending team, which has gone above and beyond to ensure we have a bespoke funding facility that meets our specific needs. It is an extremely exciting time for the business, following a series of award wins. This funding will enable us to continue assisting leading international brands as they transition their packaging portfolios away from single-use plastic, by providing high-quality alternative packaging.”
Jungle Creations

James Evans

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Jungle Creations

“Growth Lending was able to tailor its offering to Jungle’s requirements. The team was also very knowledgable about our industry and the specific payment intricacies within it.”
Oxbridge Associates

Ben Funnell

Managing Director

Oxbridge Associates

“Growth Lending has provided us with a tailored solution that meets the differing needs of our businesses, in the UK and overseas. “The facilities will give us the necessary working capital to grow our business further, enhancing our buying and selling capacity and supporting our expansion plans.”

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Growth Lending funds a wide range of growing B2B firms. If that is you, let’s see how we could support your growth.



Our expert team works quickly to assess which funding solutions are the best fit for your business, with all decisions made by humans, not machines.



We know that growing businesses need to be agile, which is why we have a range of funding solutions to fit different business’ needs, as well as flexible processes designed with you in mind.



A strong track record of lending to fast-growing SMEs means we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face and the support you will need to accelerate your growth journey.

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Working capital is the cash your business needs to enable it to run properly – for costs such as wages, bills, rent, utilities and more.

As a metric, working capital represents the liquidity available to a business to cover short or mid-term costs, so enhancing your working capital profile gives your business more cash headroom.

This is particularly useful in the current unpredictable climate, but even in a more stable macroeconomic environment, a strong working capital profile means a business can respond with speed and agility to new opportunities in the market.

What is working capital?
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Working capital is important because it affects so many aspects of your business. Paying employees and vendors, planning for sustainable long-term growth and even just keeping the lights on in the office are costs that are covered by your working capital. It is crucial that you have enough working capital, as it is the money available to meet your current short-term obligations.

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As a calculation, working capital is the difference between a business’ current assets and current liabilities. At a fundamental level, you could enhance your working capital by improving the ratio between the two.

For ambitious businesses, however, this will often mean reining in growth plans, so accessing external funds that will support your working capital can be an attractive alternative.

Invoice finance, invoice discounting and asset based lending are all types of funding that are designed to enhance a business’ working capital and smooth cash flow, but some facility types will be a better fit for your business than others.

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