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Flexible invoice discounting

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Are your growth plans disrupted by inconsistent cash flow?

Let’s fix that…

Strengthen your working capital and enhance cash flow by accessing up to 90% of the value of your outstanding invoices with flexible invoice discounting.

Leverage your entire sales ledger or a pool of debtors, to raise higher sums of cash than traditional invoice finance, enabling you to reinvest in growth initiatives and business expansion.

Flexible invoice discounting can transform lumpy cash flow into advanced funds that can be used for working capital and growth initiatives such as new product development, hiring new team members and even acquisition activity.

Why choose Growth Lending for flexible invoice discounting?

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Select a pool of debtors or fund your whole ledger


No lengthy month-end reconciliation processes


Bad debt protection included as standard


No concentration or export limits


Funding in multiple currencies, for multiple jurisdictions, in one facility

Oxbridge Associates

Ben Funnell

Managing Director

Oxbridge Associates

“Growth Lending has provided us with a tailored solution that meets the differing needs of our businesses, in the UK and overseas. “The facilities will give us the necessary working capital to grow our business further, enhancing our buying and selling capacity and supporting our expansion plans.”

Paul Ashton

Chief Executive


“Growth Lending worked collaboratively to understand our proposition and drive to achieve growth. “Our business has continued to innovate and this funding enables us to push this growth further, bring new team members on board and invest in more technology to support the facilities management market that we operate in.”

Justin Bailes



“It has been a pleasure working with the Growth Lending team, which has gone above and beyond to ensure we have a bespoke funding facility that meets our specific needs. It is an extremely exciting time for the business, following a series of award wins. This funding will enable us to continue assisting leading international brands as they transition their packaging portfolios away from single-use plastic, by providing high-quality alternative packaging.”
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How does invoice discounting work?

Your business needs £300,000 to fund a growth initiative that would help you to stand out within your market, but you are currently out of pocket by £500,000 while you await payment from multiple clients.

Fortunately, after checking your eligibility, you find that your business qualifies for flexible invoice discounting with Growth Lending.

Using the outstanding invoices as proof of incoming future capital, Growth Lending advances your business 90% of the total value of the sales ledger, enabling you to pursue the growth opportunity while also raising additional working capital.

With flexible invoice discounting your business can leverage the cash tied up in outstanding invoices and pursue next-level growth.

Check your eligibility and apply easily, here.


73% SMEs experience late payments from customers


56% More than half of SMEs are raising funds for growth and working capital

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Growth Lending funds a wide range of growing B2B firms. If that is you, let’s see how we could support your growth.



Our expert team works quickly to assess which funding solutions are the best fit for your business, with all decisions made by humans, not machines.



We know that growing businesses need to be agile, which is why we have a range of funding solutions to fit different business’ needs, as well as flexible processes designed with you in mind.



A strong track record of lending to fast-growing SMEs means we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face and the support you will need to accelerate your growth journey.

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Flexible invoice discounting enables you to leverage your entire sales ledger, or a chosen pool of debtors, by using unpaid accounts receivables as collateral for the facility. By freeing up the working capital tied up in unpaid invoices, you can then invest in growth, expansion, recruitment and acquisitions, all while retaining responsibility for your sales ledger and invoice processing.

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After you have completed our straightforward online process, we aim to respond with an indicative offer within 24 hours. You then simply select the debtors you want to fund and upload the corresponding invoices to our online portal. These invoices will contribute to your available balance and you will be able to begin drawing down funds.

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Selective invoice financing provides you with the flexibility to choose which invoices to fund and when, giving you control of your cash flow and working capital. With a flexible invoice discounting facility, you can fund against multiple debtors, or even your whole sales ledger.choose specific debtors to leverage against, or use your entire sales ledger to raise a larger total sum.

Where selective invoice financing provides funds on an invoice-by-invoice basis, flexible invoice discounting enables you to raise a total large sum, depending on the value of the invoices that have been selected for leverage.

Both types of facility free up working capital and give you the flexibility to manage your own credit, but each will suit different types of business model.

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You must be a UK Limited company, or a business registered in another OECD country and have B2B debtors on payment terms of up to 120 days.

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With flexible invoice discounting, you retain complete control of your cash flow and are therefore responsible for recovering outstanding payments. An additional benefit of this feature is that the service provided by Growth Lending can be kept confidential, so you do not need to inform your debtors.

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