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Revenue based finance

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Ready to accelerate the growth of your business?

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Access up to £1m in as little as 7 days

Designed specifically for high-growth businesses with strong recurring revenue, revenue based finance delivers fast and flexible funds from £100,000 to £1m.

Whether you need to expand your team, invest in product development, or fund other growth initiatives, raise significant capital with the comfort of a flexible repayment structure, linked to your revenues.


Why choose Growth Lending for revenue based finance?


Funds in your account in as little as seven days


A repayment structure that is linked to your revenue


Funding available in both GBP and EUR

You retain control

No warrants and no equity dilution


Justin Bailes



“It has been a pleasure working with the Growth Lending team, which has gone above and beyond to ensure we have a bespoke funding facility that meets our specific needs. This funding will enable us to continue assisting leading international brands as they transition their packaging portfolios away from single-use plastic, by providing high-quality alternative packaging.”


Gavriel Merkado

Founder and CEO


“We are thrilled to have secured this latest investment, which will be used to expand our team and, through that, our reach, enabling us to support more and more residential real estate professionals stay ahead in an increasingly-competitive market.”


Sherry Vaswani

Chief Executive


“We are an ambitious global company with a strong track record of operating in a buoyant marketplace. The [Growth Lending] team came to understand our business quickly, recognised our potential for growth and saw how additional capital could help us compete for more major contracts, increase capability and support our acquisition strategy. We are delighted to have them as our investment partner.”

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How does revenue based finance work?

Perhaps your business has won a significant contract and needs capital to invest in any initial outlay or the expansion of your team.

Perhaps you have developed a new product and want to accelerate the routes to market by investing in business development and marketing initiatives.

Fortunately, after checking your eligibility, you find that your business qualifies for revenue based finance from Growth Lending and based on your average monthly recurring revenue, you can borrow up to £500,000.

You can now invest and accelerate your plans, paying back your Growth Lending loan, with the comfort of knowing your repayments are linked to your ongoing revenue.

Check your eligibility and apply easily, here.

Revenue based finance is capital for growing or scaling businesses that can be used for a wide range of growth initiatives. As the name might suggest, both the initial sum borrowed and the repayment structure are revenue-based, giving you the flexibility to make repayments that are linked to your monthly revenue.

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This type of finance is best suited to firms with strong recurring revenue.

At Growth Lending, we specialise at lending to technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) firms, as well as financial and professional services, so businesses with recurring revenue that operate in these sectors are preferred.

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