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Supporting high-growth firms

Scales with planets in them

Since 2013, we have supported more than 200 innovative, high-growth businesses with capital to accelerate growth.

Growth Lending provides capital to high quality, growth-stage SMEs, specialising in technology-enabled sectors that have proven resilience through the economic cycle.

Our approach to lending often leads to increased business investment, creates and sustains skilled and highly skilled jobs, investment in technology infrastructure and supports expansion into international markets.

We invest across the UK, US and Europe with investment and sourcing teams located in Atlanta, Texas, London, Amsterdam and Cape Town.

We work with leading institutional investors, asset managers and banks to generate stable returns with strong downside protection, often structured with upside potential.

Please contact our investor team for more information.

Jeff Vernetti

General Manager

Ballparks National

“This has been a seamless process for us and we are very grateful to the professional team at Growth Lending for their support. They communicated well throughout the process and enabled our project to remain on schedule.”

The opportunity in growth SME lending for investors

UK growth SMEs represent 1⁄3 of the entire European market, with 70% of these businesses located outside of London. Yet despite this vibrant and growing segment, traditional UK  lenders have retrenched in recent years, being unable to effectively serve the growing SME community.

At Growth Lending, we believe that this retrenchment and the consequent widening funding gap, gives investors the opportunity to support growth, jobs and innovation across the UK and further afield, while generating stable and outsized returns compared to other segments of private debt.


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