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We bridge the funding gap

Fuelling the success of growing businesses


We have been supporting fast growing businesses since 2013, when we first noticed a gap in the funding ecosystem.

We bridge this gap, providing creative capital solutions for exceptional businesses that need a little extra fuel to accelerate their growth.

How we can support you:

Our products

How we help businesses accelerate growth

Selective invoice finance

Bridge the cash flow gap caused by long payment terms as you advance your unpaid invoices on a pay-as-you-go basis

  • Flexible: Advance funds for as many or as few invoice as you like, on a pay-as-you-go basis

  • Secure: Credit insurance included for funded debts

  • Freedom: Funds available in multiple currencies, for multiple jurisdictions, with the option to fund overseas businesses as standalone

Flexible invoice discounting

Enhance your working capital by leveraging your entire sales ledger, or a chosen pool of debtors

  • Flexible: Select a pool of debtors or submit your whole ledger, drawing down as much as you need from the total sum

  • Simple: Manage your facility via an online portal that removes the need for lengthy month-end reconciliation processes

  • Freedom: No concentration or export limits, with funds available in multiple currencies, for multiple jurisdictions, all in one facility

USDA bridge loans

Secure advanced funds while you await approval from the USDA loan guarantee program

  • Start projects sooner: with capital that bridges the gap between USDA application and approval

  • Transparent: Get complete visibility of your funding timeline

  • Speed: Receive funds quickly

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We value the strong relationships that we have built across our professional networks

We work closely with introducers, advisors, brokers and other professionals to connect with the growing businesses we love to support.

Know of a business that would benefit from flexible funding? Get in touch.

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We work with institutional investors seeking exposure to secured, asset-backed SME debt

Since 2013, we have supported more than 200 innovative, high-growth, businesses with capital to accelerate growth, generating stable returns from senior secured investments with strong downside protection, often structured with upside potential.

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