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USDA bridge loans

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Awaiting approval for a loan from one of the USDA’s guarantee programs?

Get funded faster with Growth Lending

We offer loans from $2 to $10m to bridge the gap between when your bank has approved you for a USDA loan and when the USDA approves the loan, giving you fast access to the capital your business needs.

We work with your USDA lender to provide funds before the USDA has approved the guarantee. We provide fast and flexible funds so that you can start your project quickly.

Why choose Growth Lending for a USDA bridge loan?

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Start your project now

Secure funds now to get going – buy a property, secure equipment, complete M&A

We work with all USDA lenders

We do not compete with USDA lenders: they will still give you a USDA loan once the USDA has approved it. We work alongside your lender to provide quick, short-term money

Experienced lending team creates flexible solutions

We look at each situation on a case by case basis and work with you to create the best solution for your project

DRTY Drinks (US)

Matija Pisk


DRTY Drinks

“We have been really impressed with the speed and professionalism of the team at Growth Lending and are excited to work with them further as they support DRTY’s plans for growth.”
Oxbridge Associates (US)

Ben Funnell

Managing Director

Oxbridge Associates

“Growth Lending has provided us with a tailored solution that meets the differing needs of our businesses, in Europe and the UK. “The facilities will give us the necessary working capital to grow our business further, enhancing our buying and selling capacity and supporting our expansion plans.”
Jungle Creations (US)

James Evans

Chief Operating and Financial Officer

Jungle Creations

“Growth Lending was able to tailor its offering to Jungle’s requirements. The team was also very knowledgable about our industry and the specific payment intricacies within it.”

How does a USDA bridge loan work?

Growth Lending can accelerate cash ahead of your USDA loan in two different ways:

  1. Your USDA lender has approved your loan and you are waiting for the USDA to provide a guarantee – this takes three to six months and we bridge the gap
  2. You do not have a USDA lender yet, but need cash to start your project (property purchase, machine equipment) – in this instance we work with a USDA approved lender and we bridge the gap until the USDA provides a guarantee


We lend to all industries and most situations eligible for the USDA guarantee. Our key criteria are:

  • 3-6 months term
  • $2-$10m amount
  • Up to 75% of the final USDA loan amount
  • Clear assets and spending plan
  • Corporation in good standing
  • Approved or starting loan process with a USDA lender

Apply now

Growth Lending funds a wide range of growing B2B firms. If that is you, let’s see how we could support your growth.



Our expert team works quickly to assess which funding solutions are the best fit for your business, with all decisions made by humans, not machines.



We know that growing businesses need to be agile, which is why we have a range of funding solutions to fit different business’ needs, as well as flexible processes designed with you in mind.



A strong track record of lending to fast-growing SMEs means we have a thorough understanding of the challenges you face and the support you will need to accelerate your growth journey.

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