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The business

vLex Headquartered in London (UK), Barcelona (Spain) and Miami (US) with other offices worldwide.

vLex is a global legal intelligence platform that provides legal professionals with access to the most extensive collection of legal and regulatory information in the world, all on one award-winning and unique platform

vLEx acquired London-based Justis Publishing, which has the largest database of structured common law cases in the world. Justis had clients in more than 40 countries and the acquisition increases by more than 20 the number of countries in which vLex has a presence.

The funding

£4.2m growth loan

Use of funds: Acquisition of another business


vLex established


vLex was founded in Barcelona to serve the legal market in Spain


vLex expanded its presence in Latin America and opened international offices


The company received VC funding to further develop its technology and expand its reach


The company introduced vLex Analytics


vLex introduced Vincent A an AI-powered assistant that helps legal professionals quickly find and extract key information from legal documents


Investment from Growth Lending secured to acquire Justis Publishing, which expanded the company’s library of cases and statutes, adding coverage for the UK, Ireland, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand


The company introduced vLex Cloud


Oakley Capital made a PE

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This funding will play a big part in vLex achieving its targets for growth. Kim has built a working relationship that is characterised by excellent communication and trust, and she ensured that Growth Lending’s offer was the right fit for us.”

Lluís Faus, Co-Founder and Chief Executive

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When you make an acquisition, you’re looking for one plus one to equal three or four, and that’s certainly been the case here. The work was complex, but this is the type of deal that Growth Lending can do.”

Kim Martin, Managing Director of Origination

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