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Working capital: Why is it important for business growth?

Working capital is a fundamental part of any business’ success, but what about the specific impact that working capital can have on a business’ growth? And how can businesses use working capital most effectively to accelerate this growth? We break it down… Read More

Raising growth capital: What gets lenders excited?

In a challenging fundraising environment, SMEs need to put themselves in the strongest position of securing capital. Here are the key business characteristics that get lenders excited, for you to consider during your fundraising journey… Read More

Fuelling business growth: When is venture debt the right option?

There are so many funding options available to businesses that it can feel tricky trying to navigate them all. We unpack the details of venture debt, which businesses it is best suited to and how it can be used to accelerate growth. Read More

How to use growth capital

How can business leaders use growth capital to enhance their outcomes? Why would a business actually raise growth capital? And what are the key things business leaders should be aware of, ahead of a growth capital fundraise? We answer all this and more. Read More

More than money: How lenders can bridge the gap in the SME funding ecosystem

With SMEs consistently struggling to access finance, the fact there is a gap in the funding ecosystem is not in doubt. But what can lenders do to improve this situation? How can they bridge the gap? Read More

How do I know when it’s the right time to raise capital?

A lack of investment can cost businesses their growth, but how do you get the timing right? We uncover the key characteristics of a business that is ready to raise capital. Read More

Decision making for entrepreneurs

Sometimes making easy decisions is the hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do. Take advice from a psychologist on how to work your decision making muscles. Read More

Is your management team strong enough to impress investors?

Discover the management team qualities that investors are looking for when they assess your business. Read More

The role of brokers in securing SME funding

Growth Lending works with brokers and intermediaries regularly – they are a hugely important part of the funding ecosystem that has developed around small and medium-sized enterprises that are looking to grow. Read More

The difference between debt financing and equity financing

Debt or equity? This guide breaks down the difference between the two, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. Read More